Our Work


Polyurea as cutting-edge material in protection coating. It can be applied to various media, such as; concrete, metal, rubber, plastic, etc. Excellent impact resistant, good elongation/ flexibility, chemical resistant, as distinctive character of Polyurea has very well perform more than 25 years.

We have accomplished many polyurea application projects in Indonesia. Ware provide outstanding service in Polyurea application for assets protection such as; building, tank, pipe, pool, etc from negative effect of water or corrosion. However good maintenance will avoid repair or damage cost of the assets.

Floor Coating

Floor and metal coating for industrial place has become a must in Good Manufacturing Practice. Not only in HSE aspect, but also it  maintain floor quality from impact, scratch, and chemical.

We design and formulate our coating product to meet client’s requirement base on application area ( parking area, roof, wall, tank, etc). Different application need different formula as part of our work scope so it can meet right decision and client’s budget.